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Food Tips

Dinner in the Jordaan area 

Eating out is popular in Amsterdam so make sure to book your restaurant well in advance. Click the pictogram to go to the Google business page.

Café Parlotte

French bistro classics served with excellent wines in a welcoming and casual setting. Choose several small dishes to share or go for the daily changing three-course menu. 

Duende Dos

We admit it, this Spanish restaurant is officially a few steps outside the Jordaan but here you will have such a fine tapas evening that we don't want to be fussy about it. 

The Good Companion

A small seafood restaurant you could easily walk past. Yet for years they have been serving fresh fish, oysters and shellfish sourced as much as possible from Dutch coastal waters. 


One of Amsterdam's best-known Italian restaurants. Classic Italian cuisine (no pizzas) in a modern but homely setting.

Fine dining

Apart from his michelin-starred restaurant in Amsterdam-West, you can also visit 'atelier' Daalder from top Dutch chef Dennis Huwaë for new flavours and culinary discoveries in the convivial atmosphere of a former 'brown cafe'. Special to mention: the 'stroopwafel'you are served on the Grand Dutch Food Tour is used at Daalder for a special dessert. 

Café de Reiger

De Reiger is one of the oldest gastropubs in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. The atmospheric Café-restaurant on Nieuwe Leliestraat is known for its old-fashioned hospitality and the Burgundian honesty of its French and Dutch food. Reservations by phone only: +31(0)20 624 74 26 (service hours) or +31(0)6 546 549 69 (outside service hours)

Drinks in the Jordaan area 

Here are our favourite places for a drink and to enjoy some of those typical Dutch borrelhapjes like 'bitterballen'. Most also have terraces but when the weather is nice it can be hard to find a spot. 

Café Thijssen

No this place has nothing to do with our founder Thijs van Royen but we can assure you he has spend a lot of time here like most Amsterdam local. Typical example of a Dutch pub that also serves simple breakfast, lunch and snacks. 

Café de Blaffende Vis

Like Café Thijssen, this café is popular with locals for a drink after work, but it is a little more lively. In the evening, a simple but fine meal can be ordered. 

Café 't Smalle

On the tour you will learn the concept of the Dutch 'bruine kroeg' ('brown pub') and Café Papeneiland is our favourite but 't Smalle comes in second easily. If you manage to get a spot at the terrace along the canal you are king or queen in Amsterdam.

Breakfast or Lunch in the Jordaan area 

Finding a place for an early breakfast can be tricky in Amsterdam as many businesses do not open before 10am. For this, however, you can go to one of the many excellent delis for a freshly made sandwich.  In addition, some cafés also offer a breakfast menu. A truly Dutch breakfast is the 'uitsmijter' (literally: bouncer) , fried eggs with ham or bacon, cheese and tomato on white bread. 

Having lunch in a restaurant is less common in the Netherlands although you can find plenty in the city centre that offer a lunch menu. A good local custom is to stop by one of the many delis or sandwich shops for a luxury sandwich and eat it outside in, hopefully, the sunshine.


Our favourite delishop in the Jordaan and food partner with us for over 6 years. Join the locals for a fresh baguette and perfect coffee in a beautiful setting. Opens at 8am (Sunday 10am)

Sandwich shop

Like JWO, a household name in the Jordaan with fine food but of a slightly more average quality making the prices a bit lower. Opens at 7am (Sunday 9am).


This place resembles both a lunchroom and a restaurant, and that's the intention. A scion of the famous Amsterdam pastry family Holtkamp, the owner serves the famous 'kroket' (croquette) sandwiches and many more delicious breakfast and lunch food in a modern and stylish setting.

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