Where to eat Dutch food in Amsterdam

on March 25, 2022

About Dutch food

People often think of Dutch food as being boring and mostly fried. Ofcourse, we believe it has much more to offer. And we are not the only one because Dutch food is getting more and more recognized.  For example many of the 23 Michelin starred restaurants in Amsterdam work as much as possible with local ingredients and serve modern food inspired on old Dutch recipes. We think one of the best places to experience this is the Michelin starred Restaurant Rijks

So what is the Dutch food you should try in Amsterdam? Here is a short overview and where to enjoy it. Also keep an eye on our next blogs to find out more about Dutch food.

Fish and seafood 

For sure you should try Dutch herring, if done well it is like top grade sashimi. It also has a big historical significance because it was the hering trade that largely contributed to the Dutch Golden Age. Because herring is best eaten soon after it is filleted,  eat it on the spot in a fish shop or at a herring stall on the street. Some of our favourite spots are Van Katwijk Visdeli and Vishandel Centrum  you will also visit if you book the The Jordaan Dutch Food Tour

Other great Dutch sea food are oysters, lobsters, and mussels from the province of Zeeland often served in fish restaurants like The Good Companion , The Seafoodbar and Mossel en Gin


The Netherlands is the second largest food export country of in the world and vegetable production is a big part of that. So there is a good chance that your delicious tomato in Italy or refreshing cucumber in France will come from The Netherlands. The influence of vegetarian food is becoming more and more prominent and certainly in Amsterdam restaurants the days of menus with lots of meat and hardly any vegetarian choice are over. Restaurants we like that offer a good vegetarian choice with a big Dutch food print are de Kas and Wilde Zwijnen

Vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, spinach, sauerkraut and kale are seen as typical Dutch and some of these are mixed with mashed potatoes and served with a large juicy sausage called ‘rookworst’ to make a ‘stamppot kale’ or ‘stamppot endive’ . These dishes are perfect comfort food to eat away your winter dip when it is cold and dark. From the second half of April until end of June you should look out for the seasonal ‘asperges’ (white asparagus ) served with ham, egg and melted butter or a hollandaise style sauce. It is so special we call it the ‘white gold’. A bit touristy but the best places to try traditional food like the ‘stamppot’ are De Blauwe Hollander and Moeders


When you think of Holland you think about cows, right? They not only produce milk for famous Dutch cheese like Gouda but also provide us with fantastic meat. Back in the days we sometimes had the bad habit of turning all tougher meats into minced meat for ‘gehaktballen’ (meatballs) but nowadays we appreciate cuts like bavette or rump steak.  And the good news is we source it more and more from local farmers and less from far away countries. Where to go if you have an appetite for meat? Try Cannibale Royale for your bit more hip and trendy experience or to Piet de Leeuw for a typical Dutch pub (bruine kroeg) steak.

Besides beef, pork such as chops and spare ribs is also popular and we still eat a lot of our good old ‘rookworst’  (smoked sausage) we mentioned earlier.  Believe it or not, for us the best place to try it is at HEMA, a department store that is so Dutch that they don’t even have an English website. They are served warm on a soft bun with a dollop of mustard..enjoy ..but watch out for grease stains on your clothes.