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Thijs van Royen

About Amsterdam Food Tours

Founded in 2018 by Thijs van Royen, Amsterdam Food Tours is made up of a group of passionate and experienced Amsterdam guides, some of whom have known each other for years as friends and co-workers, and together we strive to be the best tour company in Amsterdam.

We try to do so by making everyone pleased: you first as our welcome guest, but also our "food partners" and the city of Amsterdam. 

Our food partners are often small, dedicated entrepreneurs with amazing products who have to work hard to keep their heads above water. Therefore, we just pay regular prices and make sure that you have enough time to buy something extra if you want and that you can fully enjoy all that delicious food and drink.

To us, a good one guide is someone who is naturally welcoming, entertaining and interested but also knows the city of Amsterdam in all its diversity by heart.

We pay a lot of attention to this by constantly educating ourselves, catching up and, of course, trying out new stores, restaurants and cafes, so we can tell you exactly where to go and where not to go.

If you've had a happy, carefree and engaging day in Amsterdam with us and you've enjoyed great food and drinks in pleasant company then our mission has been accomplished. 

Met vriendelijke groeten! 

Thijs, Jacqueline, Rudolph, Isabelle, Nanno, Kolja, Jelte, Caroline , Marc

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